Semi-annual Update

Time for a semi-annual website update (better late than never?). Lot’s to report:

1. Anna published a great review on tuft cells. We managed to include most of the avalanche of tuft cell papers from 2018, but some parts are already outdated:

2. Jack and Marija passed their qualifying exams! First official PhD candidates in the lab.

3. Ashley heads back to Cali. Thanks for keeping the mouse colony on track and good luck with whatever comes next!

4. Danish takes over as new Head Mouse Whisperer

5. Moltke and Gerner Labs head to Magnusson Park for a joint lab outing. Michael really got into the spirit of Spike Ball…

6. Macy Matheson is the first Moltke - Tait Wojno joint lab manager! Welcome Macy!


…tune in 6-8 months from now for the “latest”